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Decoration Tips for Your Casino Night Fundraiser

What is better than a Casino Night Fundraiser? It is engaging and entertaining for all parties that attend. One of the best parts about this type of fundraiser is the ability to decorate because there are so many different angles a person can go when it comes to decorations.

The first addition that should be added is a booth right at the entrance for when party goers enter the venue. There they will be able to exchange cash for party chips, which allows them to play in all of the different casino games that offered. Also to earn a little extra cash, the fundraiser director could decide if a cover should be charged for entering the venue, and the booth right at the entrance would be the perfect place to collect.

After party goers pass by the entrance booth, there should be a set of double doors which have decorations covering them. Something like a deck of cards lining the doorway, or big huge dice that get them in the mood of a casino night fundraiser.

When the people enter the fundraiser an addition of blue, green, and purple lights are a must! Or maybe for  casino nights fundraiser Austin use Austin colors to decorate the venue. There should be many different tables set up with different games to play. Party goers should already have their chips, and can begin playing immediately, and they would be playing just for fun. Or maybe, a small prize could be awarded to winners of the games that have been donated by outside sources.

In addition to game tables, regular tables just for guests to sit down and relax are important too. Maybe putting black table clothes, with a red candle in the center to create that casino ambiance. If the candles are put into a glass jar, then throw some casino chips into the bottom of the jar for a little extra flair.

Food is a must at any fundraiser event, maybe a cake made to look like a deck of cards would be a cool addition. Or a cocktail with red and black colors integrated somehow. Or maybe lollipops that have dice shaped goodies on the end, so that guests can have some sort of finger food well they play the casino games. Guests want to feel the vibe of a casino right when they enter, and throughout the whole night so it is important to carry the casino theme throughout the venue.

Since the venue should have bathrooms, do not forget to decorate the bathroom doors. For the women’s door put a big poster of the queen of hearts. And for the men’s door put a big poster of the king of spades. Wouldn’t that be a cool idea for guests to see?

A casino fundraiser is one of the most exciting fundraisers’s to host because it is really entertaining for guests. People love to gamble and play games and have the chance to win something, even if it is just a small prize. Make sure to add lots of decorations involving; poker chips, cards, dice, and cocktails!


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Few Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Photographer For A Wedding

Professional photographers do much more than just click pictures – they capture memories. They are especially skilled, trained and experienced to freeze those once in a life time moments for you to cherish. Naturally, it becomes crucial for you to choose the right photographer for an important occasion like a wedding. But how can you be sure if a photographer is right for you? Here are few important things to remember while interviewing your prospective photographer.
Background & credentials

Registered photographers representing a professional association are beneficial in occasions like these as they have a standard of work to maintain and uphold. Be sure to check the photographer’s degree, relevant past work, etc. These registered professionals have no risk of last minute cancellations or faulty end results.


Every photographer has his own style and perception. It is essential that you ask for the photographer’s relevant samples and past work collections from multiples sessions. Go through them carefully and see if you think the person is consistently good or just gets lucky now and then. A true professional will have no hesitation in providing as many samples as asked for. Try to understand the photographer’s style and see if that’s exactly what you are looking for.


Enquire about how many similar events the photographer covers in a year. This will give you a clear idea of how much in demand this professional is. Other than that, it will also ensure he has enough relevant experience in occasions like a wedding to not miss clicking anything throughout.

Assistants and backup photographers

Assistants and backup photographers are both very crucial yet much overlooked members of the team. There are lots of things that need to be chalked out and planned for an extensive photo-shoot covering a wedding. Having an assistant means having an extra help for these must-do things like location check, managing lenses and reflectors, planning what comes next etc. to keep things running smoothly.

Backup photographs even though not compulsory, can play a very important part in wedding shoots. Having a second photographer means having a second perspective for a lot of your texas wedding photos. Backup photographers also come in handy in case your main photographer missed something. And most importantly, if your main photographer has any technical hiccups in between the ceremonies, your backup can still produce an amazing set of photos without disrupting the proceedings.

Contract & fees

A documented contract is the first red flag when you are hiring a photographer for a wedding. It is essential for both the client as well as the photographer and should clearly state the expectations, terms and fees. It protects both from any kind of last minute risks and disagreement. It is better to be well assured that all necessary precautions are taken rather than to risk losing these precious moments forever.

To conclude, hiring an Austin wedding photographer is not an easy decision to make and you should be whole heartedly convinced when fixating on a professional photographer that he metes out your expectations and requirements. Anyone can click good photos, but when trusting someone with the most cherished moments of your life, it is advisable to choose someone who is well experienced and adept.