Personality Scales – Which Do Psychics Fall Into & Why?

Personality Scales – Which Do Psychics Fall Into & Why?What personality scale do psychics fall into, this is hard one to answer, it’s not really known why certain people are born with psychic abilities and others are not. But there have been studies that tested if psychics all had some personality traits in common; they are not 100% accurate but a bit of fun.

Extroverts & Introverts

Psychics are extroverts; Betty Humphrey from Duke University discovered that extroverts have better ESP abilities than introverts. Also, outgoing risk takers have higher ESP abilities, including gamblers, where those who rather play it safe all the time don’t show as high ESP abilities. This is why they are perfect for Online Psychic Chat Rooms.

Creativity & Sensitivity

People who are more sensitive, artistic and creative tend to be more in tune with ESP than those who are not. Research shows that this is because psychics, like artists of all sorts, use the right side of the brain more than the left; the right side is responsible for intuition. It is also said that a psychic is extremely sensitive and can also pick up on other people’s feelings causing.

Sixth Sense

Psychics have a natural sixth sense, and they trust their intuition more than others, this is why they also say that a lot of us out there have certain abilities if we just try and tap into them. Like mothers, most mothers out there will say that they have at one time or another had a feeling of intuition especially when dealing with their children. Research also tells us that women trust their intuition more than men (like I said, moms).

The Artistic Person

An Artistic person is flexible and open-minded, they are original and creative, they have extremely well-developed senses. They are sensitive, kind and do not like conflict.

What are you?

To find out which one you fall more into here is a small list of what each characteristic resembles.

  • The Executive is assertive and outspoken
  • The Visionary is good at many things
  • The Giver has outstanding people skills
  • The Inspirer is enthusiastic and loves new ideas
  • The Caregiver is warm-hearted and puts others needs before their own
  • The Performer is fun-loving and loves being the center of attention
  • The Guardian is traditional and athletic
  • The Doer are focused on immediate results
  • The Thinker is logical and capable
  • The Duty Fulfiller is serious and responsible
  • The Mechanic likes to know how and why things work
  • The Nurturer is kind and traditional
  • The Protector is concerned for others feelings
  • The Idealist is interested in serving humanity
  • The scientist is independent and original
  • The Artistic are flexible and open-minded

There are 16 different personality types, The Executive, The Visionary, The Giver, The Inspirer, The Caregiver, The Performer, The Guardian, The Doer, The Thinker, The Duty Fulfiller, The Mechanic, The Nurturer, The Protector, The Idealist, The Scientist, and The Artistic. If you look into the characteristics of what each type reflects you will see that most psychics tend to fall into The Artistic type. So, with the list above, what type are you?